There’s a lot that goes on in our bodies, and movement is definitely one part of the equation to healthy living.

It’s important to eat, move, rest, in physical tangible ways. These activities emotionally help us balance our bodies, laugh, cry, enjoy, persevere and encourage others. They’re essentials for healthy living.

When we laugh we feel good, when we cry it restores us. When we persevere it brings a sense of achievement. Encouraging others brings a warmth and deepens our character – we all feel good when we’ve helped someone or brightened someone’s day!

It’s okay to feel angry, or to feel sad. Negative emotions are also good for us with reflection, understanding it’s just a process we need to transition through.

Tips for Healthy Living

Here’s some quick fire tips for healthy living:

  • Move – do what you want to do and what you like doing, whether it’s Pilates, HIIT, Yoga, boot camps, walking, running, cycling, or swimming.
  • Walking – it’s actually more important than anything else because most of us can walk, even for those who aren’t used to exercise. It helps you feel the outside elements and gives you breath in your lungs. Cardiovascular movement is important for our heart muscle, and as a weight bearing exercise it’s beneficial for our bones as well.
  • Get outside – being outside refreshes us, and fresh air is so important for our lungs. It’s also important for our immunity, and feeling the sunshine on our skin is great for wellbeing. Vitamin D from sunshine works wonders for our health.
  • Drink water – water helps rejuvenates us. Not only that, but it helps our bodies detoxify. The human body is surprisingly good at eliminating and working like a furnace, replenishing our liver and kidneys helping us remain healthy.
  • Eat healthy – we need food to give us energy, rebuild our cells, increase and retain muscle mass. Depending on the foods you eat they will either help improve your bodily functions or prevent them from occurring, or in some cases even make you sick. We’re often reminded to eat healthy, and for good reason too.

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