Testimonials From my Clients


Wendy is a brilliant Pilates teacher both online and in class!

She is very calm and composed and makes the class a relaxing experience, even though we are getting a very good work out!

I wanted to improve my general strength and suppleness, and tone my tummy – Wendy’s classes have achieved this for me and l am very happy!

In the classes l have attended we are all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, and Wendy makes the whole experience enjoyable for everyone.

There is no pressure to reach a certain standard.

I would thoroughly recommend any one to give the classes a go – you won’t regret it! Karen

I have had various Pilates teachers over the years and Wendy is definitely the best!

Wendy gives clear and detailed instructions throughout the sessions and explains how the exercises work; she is also aware that people have differing levels of ability so you never feel under pressure.

Wendy is a lovely person and her classes are fun too! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Gill

Wendy is a great instructor!

I have been taking her Pilates classes since 2018 and have really noticed a difference in my core strength.

Her Pilates classes are enjoyable and the right level of challenging!

Wendy is attentive to individuals’ needs in class and ensures you get the most out of every move.

During the COVID pandemic, Wendy’s online Pilates classes kept me going through a difficult time and I’m excited about going back to in-person classes. Rebecca


Wendy is welcoming, kind and friendly and cares so much about what she teaches Her classes are small, usually consisting of no more than 10.  She’s fantastic at knowing everyone’s name and their individual foibles, ie backs/hips/knees and adapts exercises accordingly. The programme is always carefully planned, never repetitive or boring.  It’s a relaxed session and great fun. Gilly


I have attended Wendy’s pilates classes for many years and have found her to be an excellent teacher. She gives a very good and enjoyable class, explaining and demonstrating each exercise in depth whilst we work and she possesses a good understanding of the human body and musculature, keeping a keen eye on us at all times. She has obviously had a very thorough training. Pilates has benefitted me so much, as I’m elderly and have undergone two hip replacements and one knee replacement during the last 12 years. I have found Wendy’s lovely classes keep my body and muscles supple and strong.       Carolyn.    


These classes are an excellent way of keeping flexible and learning how to deal, from week to week, with minor aches and niggles. It’s lovely to learn in such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where different levels of activity are offered according to how fit we are feeling on any particular day. And I personally really appreciate your flexible approach that lets us swap a class for another day if on occasion we have to miss one, or even to have a recording from one of your continuing Zoom sessions. On this last point it was brilliant how you kept us going via Zoom all through the pandemic! So thank you, Wendy, for all your commitment and enthusiasm for teaching. Anne



I suffer with fibromyalgia and Pilates was first suggested by my physio many years ago.

I am sure that the Pilates has helped, particularly the mental side of things as stress is one of the trigger points for me.

There are times when it is too painful to do some of the exercises but Wendy always has an alternative.

One of the things I have really learned from Wendy is to listen to my body. I never bothered before, thinking that I had to just plow on in pain.

I rarely ache after a class and I am sure that is down to Wendy’s careful selection of exercises which are balanced.

I don’t think I’ll ever master the ‘malteser’ but we do have a laugh in classes!

I am so glad Wendy was able to continue the classes online during lockdown as it gave us all something to look forward to.

My husband Kevin runs marathons and Pilates has helped him so much.

Since starting Pilates he has found that his recovery after a marathon is so much quicker and he even manages the stairs the next day!

He is in a routine of doing the stretching exercises before and after a run even when he runs at work.

Kevin wonders why more men don’t do Pilates! Karen &Kevin

Wendy is dedicated to giving her pupils a positive experience. She is enthusiastic, experienced and able to tailor exercise for each individual.

After 15 years of Pilates I would nominate Wendy as providing the best Pilates classes and being a very caring teacher. Ann &Ian

Wendy Jane’s Pilates classes are a joy to attend. They are well structured yet fun and gently progressive. I have found WJ a cheerful, welcoming and intuitive teacher who can readily adapt her exercises for her client’s individual needs. GJ (Retired Osteopath)


“Wendy is a wonderful Pilates teacher who is very sensitive and accommodating to the needs of her diverse students. Wendy’s adaptability during the pandemic meant classes could continue on line,  those weekly sessions during those tough years were really important both for my physical and mental wellbeing. I’m delighted to be going to face to face classes again, but she also has kept her online offer going.  Wendy’s classes are always different (targeting different parts of the body) and versatile (each exercise having multiple level options). Wendy also has a beautiful and positive attitude towards life, we all learn as much from her vast knowledge of Pilates technique as from her resilience. I feel very fortunate to have her as a teacher.”  Elena Arevalo Melville