My background & Experience

I am a fully qualified comprehensive Pilates matwork and studio equipment teacher.

I completed my Pilates matwork training and then went on to complete the 400 hours needed to become a fully comprehensive studio equipment teacher with Dominique Jansen at Pilates Off The Square in London.

I have always had a great interest in health and wellness starting my career as a beauty and massage therapist.

I qualified as a personal trainer and exercise to music teacher with Premier Global.

I have worked within health spas in the UK and abroad and run my own holistic beauty and massage therapy business.

I truly believe health and wellness start from within. This led me to focus on a more holistic approach within my work, being drawn towards a mind body approach to exercise. This is where my interest in Pilates came in.

For me Pilates is the whole package, building flexibility, strength and stamina, whilst centering the body and mind through concentration and breath work. I would say this is my form of meditation, and I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates.

In addition, I am a fully certified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a member of the Pilates Professional Group.

I really look forward to meeting and working with you very soon!

Thank you.

Wendy 😊

Pilates in Cambridgeshire